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The future is cultivated in the present

We are a young company, but our wisdom has come along with the number of steps taken until now. From an early age, we learned that we can cultivate our dreams with our own hands, and that with confidence, respect, and dedication, success is a consequence.


We value each opportunity that a new day brings us, and we know well the taste of the achievement of a harvest grown with sweat. We put our energy into our work so that more people can also plant their dreams.


From sunrise to sunset, we research, test, and prove new technologies and products. Optimizing costs, and improving planting and cultivation processes each harvest. Leading the producer towards a secure investment. In this way, we find a way to give back the abundance that the land offers us, and that makes our business possible. PROSPERING TOGETHER.


Over the years, we have built a legacy of honesty and hard work, and today, we are proud to remember our history and look forward with a feeling of confidence. And if we can share valuable advice, we would say that the future is cultivated in the present.


To generate greater profitability for the farmer, constantly seeking new business opportunities with cutting-edge technology, where respect for people and the environment comes first.


To be recognized as the most innovative company in the agricultural segment, always seeking to improve grain productivity in the region where we operate, aiming for a future where everyone can have access to quality food.


Our legacy and tradition reflect in our business relationships, and that is why we are proud of the trust our clients and partners have in the deals we make.

It is the commitment to the quality of service provided in all sectors and processes.

Cultivating respect in our relationships and also for the environment, preserving this culture is not only the guarantee of a better future but also a demonstration of gratitude to the abundant nature and the people who make our business possible.


Where we are

Matriz Corbélia - PR

R Rodovia BR 369 km 502, nº 176 – Área Industrial – Corbélia – PR

Corbélia - PR

Rod. Br 369, Km 502;
Trevo de Corbélia

Cascavel - PR

Av. Barão do Rio Branco, nº 1597 – Bairro: Country

Cascavel - PR

Rod. Br 277, Km 598;
Bairro: Santos Dumont

São Miguel do Iguaçu - PR

Av. Iguaçu, nº 2100
Bairro: Centro

Assis Chateaubriand - PR

Av. Tupãssi, nº S/N
Bairro: Jardim Primavera

Cascavel - PR

Rod. Br 277, Km 598
Linha Guavirá – Zona Rural

Medianeira - PR

Av: João XXIII, nº 2530
Bairro: São Cristóvão – Medianeira – PR

Our partners